Remembering Maya

Remembering Maya

On the back of the fierce wind
The free bird dares to fly high.
Above the chains of history
She dares to claim the sky.

They put the free bird in a cage
But unfettered, the caged bird sings,
The song of her ancestors
Of hope, of fear, and of beautiful things.

Of men remembering their dignity
Touching raw earth, bearing burdens deep,
Of men faithful, and women strong
Of mournful songs sung by those that weep.

MayaThe haunting song, it fills my soul
And the words they capture me.
They demand a life of brotherhood
Where all dance beautiful and free.

And the babies born they hear the song
And sing out Hope in their first cries.
They pull me higher, higher
They call me forth and so I rise.

Truth cannot be determined by opinion
The hope of the slave, she embodied as queen.
She showed us the dignity with every word
In our story of where we had been.

Some wanted her wings broken
Her words forgotten with their pride.
But she has not been forgotten,
It was only the shell that died.

 You may remember her with your words,
You may remember her with your cries,
But remember her life with the way you live
And the bird no longer caged will rise.