A Friend by Maryann Beckman

A Friend

In a forest far, far away unseen by you or I,
where trees grow tall and earth reaches for the sky–
An elf was walking on his way;
unaware his life would change  that  day.

He had a tragic fall.
On the ground against a wall.
and when he stood he could not recall
Not a thing, not a thing at all.

He found a sprite among the wood
She was kind and very good
and offered to help if she could.
iI only she she understood!

She said : sprites dance in the night
Around the fire of the campfire light
We dance  together in the dark
together we are a mighty spark.

You are not like us that I can see.
So a Sprite you must not be.
We two  we are not the same
So, alas I can not speak your name.

The elf kept walking for awhile,
wearing a brave half-hearted smile,
looking for help along the road
He ran across an immense toad.

Sir, could you help me? Do you know,
what I am and where I should go?
Do you know the  answer to the game—
What am I? What is my name?

The toad looked him square in the face
And said,” I do not know your race.”
You are not like me this can be seen.
For your skin is not my shade of green.

The elf hung his head and carried on
And began to sing a sad, sad song
till the fairy heard and came to see
This Elf, so lonely by a tree.

“Dear friend why are you so depressed?”
He replied though tired and without rest,
“I do not know my name,” he cried and
“I can not find the answer, though I’ve tried.”

She said, “There is a man so very far.
who can tell you who you are.
He is a wizard so very kind.
I know the answer he will  find.”

He looked at this winged fairy now,
and took a deep and honored bow.
“Together we will walk to find
the one who will tell me of my kind.”

So they walked together day one, two, three
and spoke about who they wished be
or would, or could— If all were right.
They talked all day and talked all night.

They came to the wizard on the day third.
The Elf hoped he’d be as he had heard.
A wise one who could end his quest.
Who put all his questions to their rest.

The Wizard

The Wizard came in robes of green.
A look in his eye he had never seen.
A look of kindness, not surprise
and a deep wisdom filled his eyes.

“Will you tell me who I am?” the elf cried.
“My memory and identity they both hide.”
“Will you please help me find my name?
And the race and people I should claim?”

The wizard looked at him long and smiled.
You have a home, dear missing child.
“You are a wonder yes you are
And very unique as is the star.”

“I can tell you that you are an elf.
But that will not tell you your true self?
The answer to your questions abide.
In your heart and mind, always held inside.”

“You are not like anyone else.There is not another same,
but do not be sad and cry,or fight or muss or blame.”
“You have a friend,” he looked at his side
“Who sat with you as you cried.”

The best answer I can send
is what you truly are is loved, my little friend
The other answers you will find
and you will once again rejoin your kind.

In time you will know your place.
Is beyond your kind and race.
Walk with each other on the road—
Bear your neighbors burdened load.

And with others that you find
There is but only one true kind.
You may wonder what I mean
But in time the truth, it shall be seen.

We are all on a journey to the same place
We are all searching with different pace
Though Elf, Sprite, Fairy or Toad.
We seek the same home at the end of the road.

You have never been lost or alone
And all you meet will lead you home.
Now walk along the road this day
and while you walk elf, live and play

Elf and Fairy

The Elf sat wide eyed, he could not blink
The Wizard’s word gave him cause to think.
He knew what the Wizard said was true.
And now he knew what he must do.

“My fairy friend walk with me this day.”
“I will,” she said and they walked and played,
joined by the toad, sprite, fairy and all
And his name this Elf never did recall.

It did not matter no indeed Not at the very end
For his found his now forever was friend.
And  so the moral before  this rhyme end is
To find who you are make  a  true friend.

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