Remembering Maya

Remembering Maya

On the back of the fierce wind The free bird dares to fly high. Above the chains of history She dares to claim the sky. They put the free bird in a cage But unfettered, the caged bird sings, The song of her ancestors Of hope, of fear, and of beautiful things. Of men remembering their dignity Touching raw earth, …

A Friend by Maryann Beckman

A Friend

In a forest far, far away unseen by you or I, where trees grow tall and earth reaches for the sky– An elf was walking on his way; unaware his life would change  that  day. He had a tragic fall. On the ground against a wall. and when he stood he could not recall Not a thing, not a thing at all. He found a …

The Two by Maryann Beckman

The Two

In the garden of destiny many flowers bloomed. The Rose of wonder, the Lilly of Hope, the Orchid of Dreams, the flowers of Passion, Exuberance, and Joy. And there they bloomed fighting the weeds of discontent, envy, lust and pride And they battled in this garden held by Zeus.